Mordros: The Sound of the Sea

Kurt Jackson

Kurt Jackson is an environmentalist, ecologist and one of Britain’s leading artists. In his essay ‘The Visions of Kurt Jackson’, published in Granta 102: The New Nature WritingMark Cocker writes,‘There is an ecological relationship between Jackson and his paintings that makes them fascinating not merely to a lover of art, but also to a naturalist. It is in this second role, as a watcher of nature myself, that I’ve come to sit with Kurt Jackson over several days. My intention is to watch him as I might study a species of bird, like a rook or a jackdaw. The deep connection between Jackson’s art and the landscape he occupies is my theme.’

Here is a collection of Jackson’s landscapes.
Point the cursor at the top of the screen to see the title of each painting, or click the icon on the far right.

To see more of Kurt Jackson’s artwork, click here.

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