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Anita Khemka & Rana Dasgupta

‘Laxmi’s religious aura is exceptional among hijras, who do not usually reach deity status.’

Rana Dasgupta introduces the photography of Anita Khemka.

Anita Khemka

Anita Khemka is an artist who is a founding photographer of PHOTOINK and currently works for The MurthyNAYAK Foundation. She has been photographing Laxmi since 2003.

Photograph: Ambrotype by Imran Kokiloo

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Rana Dasgupta

Rana Dasgupta's novels include Tokyo Cancelled and Solo, winner of the 2010 Commonwealth Writers' Prize. His non-fiction book Capital won the 2017 Ryszard Kapuscinski Award for Literary Reportage.

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