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Essays & Memoir | Issue 154

The Stinky Ocean

Ian Jack

‘It was a peculiar, alopecic landscape of hummocks and gullies, with patches of grass growing on what looked like white earth, and rarely a soul to be seen.’

Essays & Memoir | Issue 73

The 12.10 To Leeds

Ian Jack

‘Outside wars and nuclear accidents, it is hard to think of any technological failure which has had such lasting and widespread effects.’

Ian Jack on the Hatfield train crash, from Granta 73.

Essays & Memoir | Issue 60

Those Who Felt Differently

Ian Jack

‘Could grief for one woman have caused all this? We were told so.’

On the death of Diana.

Essays & Memoir | Issue 76

Klever Kaff

Ian Jack

‘She was an extraordinary person, and an ordinary one.’

Ian Jack on the life of Kathleen Ferrier, the English contralto singer.

Essays & Memoir | Issue 138

Ian Jack | Is Travel Writing Dead?

Ian Jack

‘Travel writing of most kinds, not just the humorous, has the history of colonialism perched on its shoulder.’

Essays & Memoir | Issue 86

The Best Picture He Ever Saw

Ian Jack

‘Always and everywhere, this unequal struggle to preserve and remember.’

Ian Jack recalls the missing buildings of his hometown, Farnworth.