Four Syrian Borders | Esa Aldegheri & Gavin Francis | Granta

Four Syrian Borders: A Motorcycle Journey, 2007

Esa Aldegheri & Gavin Francis

‘The landscape, glimpsed through plumes of dust thrown up by trucks, grew drier, more hostile as it climbed away from the sea.’

Esa Aldegheri

Esa Aldegheri is an academic and activist working in the field of migration and integration. She speaks five languages, is a researcher at the University of Glasgow and Chair of Edinburgh City of Sanctuary. @aldeghesa

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Gavin Francis

Gavin Francis is a physician in Edinburgh and the award-winning author of Empire Antarctica, Adventures in Human Being and Shapeshifters. He's a regular contributor to the Guardian, LRB and the New York Review of Books. @gavinfranc

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