Granta 2013 Best of Young British Novelist Sarah Hall published her most recent novel, The Wolf Border, last month. She shares five things she’s reading, watching and thinking about right now.


1. AuroraWatch UK
Though I’m now living too far south to see the northern lights (Norwich), I still get emailed notifications from Lancaster University. There’s a colour-coded system: red (aurora likely) to green (no significant activity). Spring is a good time it’s been very exciting to get several red alerts in my inbox.

2. Waterbabies
My daughter is nine months old and has been learning to swim since she was two months. It’s amazing to see her underwater holding her breath with her eyes open. It is a little disconcerting to watch her being launched into the water from the edge of the pool by the instructor, but a great lesson in water safely and in loving water.

3. The BHA
I recently joined this organisation, which is spearheading some great campaigns in education, science and charity. Enter here to hear voices of common sense, progression, equality and compassion.

4. Alexi
To be launched soon, and described by its co-founder Andrew Kidd as ‘a new kind of digital ecosystem for literature’, this is a very exciting venture designed around readers. Watch this space.

5. Carol Lake
Carol is one of my favourite artists, and I take everyone who visits me in Norwich to 91 Upper St Giles, her studio, located in an old Grade II listed sweet shop, to see her gorgeous botanical artworks.


Photo © Quinn Dombrowski, Huge Display Screen, 2006

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