Richard Hell, killer nuns and valley nails.

Granta 126 contributor Katherine Faw Morris kicks off our new series Five Things Right Now. Each month we will ask a Granta contributor to share five links to give us a flavour of what they’re reading, watching, thinking about and loving right now.


1. Young Thug
I have no idea what he’s saying on ‘Fuck With It’, but I’m pretty sure it has to do with fallopian tubes.

2. True Detective
I don’t have cable so I watch this show on my phone, I love it so much. Louisiana, nihilism, beer-can dolls, the hottest T-Mobile girl ever, brothers and sisters – opting out of a raw deal – walking hand in hand into extinction.

3. Ms. 45
Early Abel Ferrara film. Zoë Lund plays a mute seamstress who is raped twice in one day. Her response: put on some lipstick, seduce some random men, and then fucking kill them, sometimes while dressed as a sexy nun.

4. @ValleyNYC
My favourite Instagram. #nailartporn #artfoyofingers #ireallywantfrancisbaconscreamingpopenailsisthatpossible

5. Artifact: Notebooks From Hell, 1974–1980
Richard Hell’s notebooks from the 70s, made into a tiny little book that you can carry around in your pocket like a dirty secret.


Cover image by Meister Lucius & Brüning, New Products Manufactured by Farbwerke Vorm, 1900

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