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Two Poems

Amit Chaudhuri

‘It was chick peas that kept you alive.’


Rowan Evans

‘yours is no magic    is only wyrm sickness’

Third Eclogue of the Vegetable Garden

John Kinsella

‘What you don’t know set / against all you want to know’

Projects Not Realized

Nate Duke

‘in the noon dark I miss my landing’

Two Poems

Kim Min Jeong

‘You think I like being called Cherry / because your cat’s named Cherry?’

Tongues of Fire

Seán Hewitt

‘Waking, close to morning but still
a shuttered, metal dark in the room’

Two poems by Seán Hewitt from Tongues of Fire, shortlisted for the 2020 Sunday Times Young Writer of the Year Award.

Two Poems

Hirata Toshiko

‘If I go to the window, / it could easily turn into bullets or rabbits.’


Jay Bernard

‘The black is coming in from the cold,
rolling up the beach walls, looking for light.’

Two poems by Jay Bernard, from their debut collection Surge, shortlisted for the 2020 Young Writer of the Year Award.

Four Poems

Bill Manhire

‘There is only one of me, she says, / but we all know there are two.’

Fossil Dinner

Daisy Lafarge

‘The poor dish looks just like me.’

Summer. Gates of the Body.

Galina Rymbu

‘I want to eat your rough hand that caresses me.’

Two Poems

Aaron Fagan

‘it / Was chaos in the way nature is a chaos.’

Five Poems

Sawako Nakayasu

‘Although bara is homonymous with rose, this is not a rose-rose incident.’