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Three Poems

Hannah Regel

‘It makes no difference / If the devil has been defeated or if it is your character’

Vertigo & Ghost

Fiona Benson

Two poems by Fiona Benson, whose Vertigo & Ghost is shortlisted for the Rathbones Folio Prize 2020.

The Orphans

Don Mee Choi

‘One starless night, I was stranded. Needless to say, foreigners are often stranded.’

Two Poems

Paul Batchelor

‘Unable to escape, I learned to see. / The price of clarity.’

I, Minotaur

Natalie Diaz

‘There is no such thing as time or June, / only what you’re born into’

A new poem by Natalie Diaz.

Two Poems

Jenny Xie

‘Colors unstudied where human activity hasn’t yet / congealed’

Two new poems by Jenny Xie.

Scheherazade Conjoining (31)

Jay G. Ying

‘Thank any God, our emergency is celestially authorised’

New poetry by Jay G. Ying.

The novel

Jack Underwood

‘Only they don’t know / that this silence is what they yearn for.’

A new poem by Jack Underwood.

This time

Jack Underwood

‘I’m going to give them a linear sense of time, just one direction, all the way!’

A new poem by Jack Underwood.

Two Poems

Rachel Blau DuPlessis

‘A space between / the strata’d self, the wink of skin’

Two Poems

Valzhyna Mort

‘As a species I’m closest / to a screw / that loosens regularly.’

Three Poems

Elaine Kahn

‘I want to be more / than anything I want’


Raymond Antrobus

An interview with the 2019 Sunday Times Young Writer of the Year.