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Three Poems

Jana Prikryl

‘I struggled to put this into words as strong as my conviction, so what advice could I give you I said’

Three poems by Jana Prikryl.

Two Poems

Alycia Pirmohamed

‘I encounter the first woman / by encountering my own face in the river. / Two bodies alike, one drenched / in inheritance.’ Two poems by Alycia Pirmohamed

In Conversation

Will Alexander & James Goodwin

‘I may have mentioned this at a prior time but there are around 250,000 words in the English language, yet within the utilitarian scale they seem consumed according to advertising and profit.’

Two Poems

Padraig Regan

‘Would / the apple be concerned / if I said it was not an apple’

Two Poems

Lee Young-ju

‘All I do is write in my sickbed diary. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything else.’ Two poems by Lee Young-ju translated by Jae Kim.

Three Poems

Eric Amling

‘They have friends everywhere / They have the iffy look of people that are free.’ Three poems by Eric Amling

Three Poems

Fiona Benson

‘She offered herself in return / for her decimated town.’

‘Oarsman on the Drowning of Nisus’s Daughter Scylla’, ‘Pasiphaë on Her Granddaughter, Apemosyne’ and ‘The Chimp House’ by Fiona Benson.

Two Poems

Niina Pollari

‘Compassion’ and ‘Urine Season’, two poems by Niina Pollari.

Two Poems

Edmund Hardy

‘Feeling Real’ and ‘I Miss Myself / Shared Oranges’ by poet and filmmaker Edmund Hardy.

Two Poems

Radna Fabias

‘we welcome the applicant.’ Two poems by Radna Fabias translated by David Colmer.

Two Poems

Fran Lock

‘eczematic lichens terraform his / face. elite spaces swallow you.’

Three Poems

fred spoliar

‘We could live in the cities of / A very normal family like I like / writing copy for it.’

Three poems by fred spoliar.

Up Late

Nick Laird

An elegy by Nick Laird for his father, Alastair Laird, who died this year of Covid-19.