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Johanne Lykke Holm

‘I knew a woman’s life could at any point be turned into a crime scene.’

An excerpt from Strega.

Scattered All Over the Earth

Yoko Tawada

‘You don’t understand. The country where I used to live is now gone.’

Dogs of Summer

Andrea Abreu

‘There was no one around that day, so we decided to put on our bikini tops for the first time.’

An extract from Andrea Abreu’s debut novel. Translated from the Spanish by Julia Sanches.

In Conversation

Eva Baltasar & Irene Solà

‘The tide carries my books from my head to a place that is no longer mine.’

The authors discuss friendship, the sea and finishing their novels.

Beirut Fragments, 2021

Charif Majdalani

‘We live with the permanent sense of imminent disaster.’

Charif Majdalani on the situation in Beirut. Translated from the French by Ruth Diver.


Ariana Harwicz

‘Why can’t the heart keep still and why isn’t the brain smooth to the touch.’

An excerpt from Ariana Harwicz’s novel Tender.

From Another World

Evelina Santangelo

An excerpt from the novel From Another World, translated from the Italian by Ruth Clarke.


Sayaka Murata

An excerpt from Earthlings, translated from the Japanese by Ginny Tapley Takemori.

Boarding Pass

Carlos Manuel Álvarez

‘But the crime did exist; it was Cuba itself.’

Translated from the Spanish by Frank Wynne.


Elisa Victoria

‘I hope I never have to miss a playdate for catechism.’

An excerpt from Oldladyvoice, translated from the Spanish by Charlotte Whittle.

Just the Plague

Ludmila Ulitskaya

‘It seems to be more than he can cope with.’

An excerpt from Ulitskaya’s newly translated novel Just the Plague.

An Adult Taste

Kang Young-sook

‘The blood that flowed down the drain was a deep dark red, but it appeared clean, even refreshing.’

A new story by Kang Young-sook, translated from the Korean by Janet Hong.

An As-Yet-Undiscovered Land Mammal

Mariana Leky

An excerpt from Mariana Leky’s What You Can See From Here.

The Woman in the Purple Skirt

Natsuko Imamura

An excerpt from The Woman in the Purple Skirt, which won the 2019 Akutagawa Prize.