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Power Metals

Nicolas Niarchos

‘The city, which is home to more than 300,000 people, is collapsing into the millions of shallow, square holes that have been cut into the ground.’

Nicolas Niarchos on mineral extraction in Manono, the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Sinking Town

Amitava Kumar

‘The town’s fate was tied to poor development and ecological disaster.’

Amitava Kumar visits a Himalayan town.

You Are the Product

Paul Dalla Rosa

‘I have a pathological addiction to the internet, which I indulge with the excuse of making art. It rarely translates to anything good and mostly leaves me overstimulated and afraid.’

Paul Dalla Rosa on excess and the internet.

You Are the Product

Rosanna McLaughlin

‘Like pretty much everyone who uses the internet, I have seen many terrible things that I did not search for and that I cannot unsee.’

Rosanna McLaughlin on what the internet thinks she wants.

You Are the Product

Lillian Fishman

‘What is the read receipt for?’

Lillian Fishman on texting, power and the ethics of leaving a friend on read.

You Are the Product

Daisy Hildyard

‘The anglophone world, we have to infer, has run out of words for its own feelings.’

Daisy Hildyard on the wisdom of scarecrows.

It Is Decidedly So

Sara Baume

‘There is always a cat sitting on the kitchen windowsill, in the background of every ordinary and extraordinary event, a softly focused silhouette, a pair of piercing eyes.’

Sara Baume responds to twenty-nine photographs from Magnum Photos.


Thomas Meaney

‘Culture has been bound up since the beginning with extraction.’

The editor introduces the issue.

Wagner in Africa

James Pogue

‘Many people in the country seem happy to accept mercenaries in exchange for stability.’

James Pogue on the Wagner Group in the Central African Republic.

Where the Language Changes

Bathsheba Demuth

‘I am on the hunt for the Russian Empire, or what traces might still exist of its colonial enterprise.’

Bathsheba Demuth travels the Yukon river, following the history of the fur trade and the Nulato massacre.

The Last Freeminers of England

William Atkins & Tereza Červeňová

‘It is a principle of freemining that you leave nothing of value on site, nothing other than the mine itself, which is of value only to a freeminer.’

William Atkins visits the Forest of Dean, with photography by Tereza Červeňová.

Drone Wars for Mexico’s Gold Mountains

Anjan Sundaram

‘More than 111,000 people have gone missing in Mexico in the past six years.’

Anjan Sundaram on cartels, conflict and the rate of disappearances in Mexico.

As They Laid Down Their Cables

Laleh Khalili

‘The Eilat–Ashkelon pipeline went into operation in 1969, on the eve of the nationalisation of oil.’

Laleh Khalili on energy politics and the ‘secret’ pipeline transporting crude oil across southern Israel.

On Boredom

Nuar Alsadir

‘Boredom is a complicated stink of an emotion, one that is far more layered than we presume.’

Nuar Alsadir on boredom.