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Soft Pink Light

Kaitlin Maxwell & Lynne Tillman

‘The stigma is to be a woman.’

Lynne Tillman introduces the photography of Kaitlin Maxwell.


Ruchir Joshi

‘Calcutta is an hourglass and each person is a grain of sand. Each day, we all pour through the opening.’

Photographs and memoir by Ruchir Joshi.


Robbie Lawrence & Colin Herd

‘At the start of this pandemic, I had three living grandparents, and now I have one.’

Colin Herd introduces the photography of Robbie Lawrence.

Seek You

Kristen Radtke

An excerpt from Seek You: A Journey Through American Loneliness, a new graphic novel by Kristen Radtke.

Breast or Tooth?

Tishani Doshi

‘A breast just casually hanging around, being a functional exocrine gland, enjoying the sun? Impossible.’

Tishani Doshi on women’s rights in India.

Stone Fruit

Lee Lai

From the new graphic novel by artist Lee Lai.

If You Kept a Record of Sins

Andrea Bajani

‘It’s like a second gestation, like entering the world a second time.’

An excerpt from Andrea Bajani’s novel If You Kept a Record of Sins, available from Archipelago Books. Translated from the Italian by Elizabeth Harris.

Undreamed Shores

Frances Larson

‘Miss C (who is fairly young and pretty) can’t go off by herself with a solitary man, however respectable, to live on the Siberian tundra.’


Fergus Thomas & Duane Hall

‘You can really feel the horses, when you’re around them, you can feel their spirit coming to life.’

Al-Birr Islamic Trust Morgue, Greenwich Islamic Centre, April 2020

Gus Palmer & Poppy Sebag-Montefiore

‘Palmer’s portraits of Kafil Ahmed sit alongside those of other people risking their lives to take care of others.’

In Conversation

Ellen Coon & Isabella Tree

‘The soil itself is filled with divine feminine energy. It’s alive, it’s pulsating.’

Symbiotic Rootscapes

Merlin Sheldrake

‘Symbiosis – the intimate association formed between different species – is a fundamental feature of life and enables new biological possibilities. Mycorrhizal fungi are some of the more striking examples.’


Xavi Bou & Tim Dee

‘No bird could ever be seen by our naked eye as Bou shows it, but every flying bird actually moves in that way.’

People From My Neighbourhood: Behind the Scenes

Clare Skeats

Clare Skeats on the cover design for Hiromi Kawakami’s latest book of stories, translated by Ted Goossen.