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FC St Pauli

Ilyes Griyeb & Imogen West-Knights

‘If a bar has a St Pauli flag, they know they will find reliably leftish people inside.’

Imogen West-Knights introduces Ilyes Griyeb’s photographs.

Out of the Woods

Elena Helfrecht & Hanna Engelmeier

‘Helfrecht’s forest is a place where dead wood has taken on the form of a woman, where we stare wild animals in the eye, where we suspect body parts may be hidden under the snow.’

Hanna Englemeier introduces photography by Elena Helfrecht. Translated by Peter Kuras.

Have a Good Trip with Trabant

Martin Roemers & Durs Grünbein

‘Question: ‘What do a Trabant and a condom have in common?’ Answer: ‘Both decrease the pleasure of the ride.’’

Durs Grünbein introduces photography by Martin Roemers.

Reunified German Images

Fredric Jameson

‘Political or not, the element Rauch works in is certainly what we call History.’

Fredric Jameson on the paintings of Neo Rauch.


Suzie Howell & A. K. Blakemore

‘Postures of graceful receptivity, or surrender. How do we tell the difference?’

A.K. Blakemore introduces Suzie Howell’s photographs.

We’re Not Really Strangers

Sama Beydoun

‘The people I’ve photographed made Beirut liveable.’

Sama Beydoun photographs the nightlife of Beirut.

Great North Wood

James Berrington

‘One of the things that keeps drawing me back is the wide variety of birds.’

James Berrington photographs the fragments of a London woodland.

What It Promised

Cian Oba-Smith & Gary Younge

‘As the economy declined African Americans became a larger part of a shrinking and impoverished city.’

Gary Younge introduces the photography of Cian Oba-Smith.

Long, Too Long America

Aaron Schuman & Sigrid Rausing

‘The conundrum of America: on the one hand, violence and repression; on the other, freedom and social justice.’

Sigrid Rausing introduces photography by Aaron Schuman.

City by the Sea

Kalpesh Lathigra & Max Ferguson

‘The homogeneity of cities is a form of madness, but it’s also comfortable because it’s a recognisable madness.’

Kalpesh Lathigra on Mumbai, artistic perspective and moving away from neutrality.

Through the Smoke, Through the Veil, Through the Wind

Roger Reeves

‘In the middle of disaster, we made the unimaginable – joy.’

Roger Reeves on loss, memory and the legacy of slavery.

Death is not here

Wouter Van de Voorde

Concerned with the uneasy boundary that emerged between life and death during the pandemic, Death is not here takes fossilisation and excavation as its theme.

Photography by Wouter Van de Voorde.

Wales 2013–2022

Sebastián Bruno & Sophie Mackintosh

‘Sebastián Bruno’s careful documentation of the communities of South Wales, is made up of images stark in their beauty.’

Sophie Mackintosh introduces photography by Sebastián Bruno.