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Me, Rory and Aurora

Jonas Eika

A new story by Danish writer Jonas Eika, from the collection After the Sun.

Up Late

Nick Laird

An elegy by Nick Laird for his father, Alastair Laird, who died this year of Covid-19.


Sigrid Rausing

Editor Sigrid Rausing introduces our summer issue.

A Series of Rooms Occupied by Ghislaine Maxwell

Chris Dennis

‘What is the metaphor of the room? Of the house. Of the neighborhood.’

Chris Dennis on incarceration.

In the Aftermath

Eva Freeman

‘Green would work but blue, cobalt blue to be precise, would be better.’

Fiction set in Flatbush by Eva Freeman.


Gboyega Odubanjo

‘should one count names like goats?’

A poem by Gboyega Odubanjo.


Tao Lin

‘But in variation #5 they spent ten hours together.’

An extract from Tao Lin’s novel Leave Society.

A Place I’d Go To

Kathryn Scanlan

‘They were very old and had to be carried down the hall to the examination room and lifted onto and off the scale like sacks of tender, bruisable fruit.’

A story by Kathryn Scanlan.

Soft Pink Light

Kaitlin Maxwell & Lynne Tillman

‘The stigma is to be a woman.’

Lynne Tillman introduces the photography of Kaitlin Maxwell.


Sara Freeman

‘She has always wanted this: to slip beneath the surface, to dispossess herself.’

An extract from Sara Freeman’s forthcoming novel.

How Prayer Works

Kaveh Akbar

‘My brother and I hurried through sloppy postures of praise, quiet as the light pooling around us.’

A new poem by Kaveh Akbar.


Vanessa Onwuemezi

‘The hotel is pink all over, as the bitten inside of her mouth, as her dark father’s radiant bottom lip’.

A story by Vanessa Onwuemezi, from her collection Dark Neighbourhood.


Ruchir Joshi

‘Calcutta is an hourglass and each person is a grain of sand. Each day, we all pour through the opening.’

Photographs and memoir by Ruchir Joshi.