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Guadalupe Nettel

‘Bonsai have always prompted a kind of fear in me, or at least a puzzling discomfort.’

Mr A

Stephanie Soileau

‘At the front of the line, Jabowen and Mr A are talking. Or, more than talking, really. Julie has noticed this before – it’s impossible to miss – but today it worries her more deeply than she can quite admit.’

Interview with B. Tape II

Rachel Long

‘The contrast! − my angel face / against the camo.’

Children in Tactical Gear

Peter Mishler

‘we watched the last / very colorful weapons / coming ashore’

Seeing Things

Emily LaBarge

‘The City of the city is jagged and spiky, tangled, twisted – burned down, paved over, rebuilt, unruly with wealth and poverty side by side, as they have always been.’

Feeling Bullish: On My Great-Uncle, Gay Matador and Friend of Hemingway

Rebekah Frumkin

‘In his suit, with his pigtail and his montera, he was pure potential: he could be masculine vanquisher or gold-embroidered fairy. He was both, actually, at all times, and nobody who came to see him fight thought any less of him for it.’

The Poetry Vaccine

Peter Pomerantsev

‘The quarantine and the closure of borders was giving my father Cold War flashbacks. And while Covid-19 was reducing life and death to statistics, father was using literature to affirm individuality.’

The Art of Waving

Andrea E. Macleod

‘I was only nine when I took to practicing the art of not waving. I felt an exhilarating power surge inside me and I ran all the way home, punching the air as I went.’

Whatever Happened to Queer Happiness?

Kevin Brazil

‘You never can wholly control the things you cling to. But you can figure out what has made you the surface you are.’

The Great Indian Tee and Snakes

Kritika Pandey

Kritika Pandey’s ‘The Great Indian Tee and Snakes’ is the 2020 Commonwealth Short Story Prize regional winner from Asia.

An Education

Ariel Saramandi

‘Once, early on, before he learned such things were never said, my brother approached a white boy in his class with my mother’s maiden name and said they must be cousins. The violence in my family’s home started a year or so later.’

Notes on Craft

Caoilinn Hughes

‘I like to feel contradicted and conflicted by characters.’


Callan Wink

‘This was going to be harder than he had thought.’

In Conversation

Andrzej Tichý & Nichola Smalley

‘In many ways, every author is a kind of extremely complex sampler.’