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Four Poems

Katie Farris

‘Ungraceful, the heart boinks: / drugged, suspended, spiderwebbed – ’

Four poems by Katie Farris.

Two Poems

Claudine Toutoungi

‘Most of us these days are dead or on autopilot / As for the wolves – they thrive’

Two poems by Claudine Toutoungi.


Sigrid Rausing

‘What precisely is the sibling relationship, and how does it shape our lives?’

The editor introduces the autumn issue.

O Brother

John Niven

‘Up on the light box on the wall are the scans of Gary’s brain, bone white standing out against smoked grey.’

John Niven remembers the last days of his brother, Gary.

The Durhams

Ben Pester

‘We have this space and we have permission to summon each other into it. Sibspace.’

Fiction by Ben Pester.


Natalie Shapero

‘you gotta see this truck that ignored the height sign / on the underpass and now it’s lodged like an overlarge pill’

A poem by Nathalie Shapero.

Plastic Mothers

Lauren John Joseph

‘In essence she acted as though I were the kid her mother had left her to raise.’

Lauren John Joseph on the blurred contours of motherhood.


Vanessa Onwuemezi

‘Brother, to be your sister is to confront the possibility of having been other than I am.’

Vanessa Onwuemezi on the meaning of sisterhood.

Miniature Twins

Omer Friedlander

‘We were so small, palm-sized, that our parents went to a doll shop in Jerusalem to find clothes that would fit us.’

Omer Friedlander writes about his twin.

Wales 2013–2022

Sebastián Bruno & Sophie Mackintosh

‘Sebastián Bruno’s careful documentation of the communities of South Wales, is made up of images stark in their beauty.’

Sophie Mackintosh introduces photography by Sebastián Bruno.


Karolina Ramqvist

‘I asked her why she hadn’t told me I had a sister before, and she said she’d thought it was for my father to tell, since she was his child.’

Karolina Ramqvist on finding her estranged siblings, translated from the Swedish by Saskia Vogel.

A Little Closer

Angelique Stevens

‘We were twelve and thirteen and smoking cigarettes in our basement with friends – Mom and Dad at work, Hall & Oates on forty-five.’

Angelique Stevens recalls the year her sister went missing.

The Making of the Babies

Lee Lai

‘I can’t believe it’s been two years since we’ve been able to get together and we’re still just arguing about which of us incurs more shit from the aunties.’

A graphic short story by Lee Lai.

Betwixt and Betwin

Taiye Selasi

‘There has to be sameness if you are twins. If there isn’t it has to be invented.’

Taiye Selasi on trying to escape from twinhood.