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Two Poems

Aaron Fagan

‘it / Was chaos in the way nature is a chaos.’

In Conversation

Katharina Volckmer & Eliza Clark

‘People are obsessed with authenticity – in a post-reality-TV, post-confessional-journalism world, fiction is simply not enough.’

Five Poems

Sawako Nakayasu

‘Although bara is homonymous with rose, this is not a rose-rose incident.’

Messrs. External & Bodily

Helen Marten

‘Space is marked and people do their best, but somewhere somebody made a false prophecy for the land’.

Pinky Agarwalia: Biography of a Child Saint in Ten Parts

Bhanu Kapil

‘Every person who travelled here is unsteady, I can feel that.’

Four Poems

Ian Seed

‘We were afraid to touch it – it looked cold enough / to burn us.’

Cooking from Memory

Barclay Bram

‘Each bite exploded temporally, an exquisite blend of past and future that put you firmly in the present moment.’


Ukamaka Olisakwe

‘She began to count; it was easier this way, counting, because she would not have to remember how she felt. She only had to remember how long she had counted.’

Notes on Craft

Amina Cain

‘I would rather work in front of, or behind, a story. I want to leave a chain of images that remain in the reader’s mind.’


Legacy Russell

‘What if we are not ‘well-behaved’? What then?’

Legacy Russell on her father and the FBI.


Marie-Hélène Lafon

‘He was long and white; his hands especially were long and white, and he sewed; he looked after the linen; he worked as a woman would; he lived in the house; he didn’t speak, he was rarely spoken to.’

Translated from the French by Stephanie Smee.

Who We’re Reading When We’re Reading Murakami

David Karashima

‘Luke believes that the early stories might not have been published if the author and translator were uncompromising.’

The Appointment

Katharina Volckmer

‘I know that I can trust you, and that death is silent. It’s never the loud things that kill us, the things that make us vomit and scream and cry. Those things are just looking for attention.’

That Time of Year

Marie NDiaye

‘The fact was that outside of summertime they knew nothing about the place at all.’

Translated from the French by Jordan Stump.