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Protected: On ‘Colville’

Natalie Diaz

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Four Poems

Geoffrey Nutter

Four poems by Geoffrey Nutter.

Uwaa: the sound of the feeling that cannot be spoken

Polly Barton

An excerpt from Fifty Sounds, a memoir by Polly Barton, translator of Aoko Matsuda and Kikuko Tsumura.

The Walker

Izumi Suzuki

A newly translated story from the late Japanese writer.

A Perfect Cemetery

Federico Falco

An excerpt from Federico Falco’s story collection A Perfect Cemetery.


Kayo Chingonyi

A new poem by Kayo Chingonyi from the forthcoming collection A Blood Condition.


Alice Ash

‘There was fur on the window frame, and we drew into it with our fingernails: dark, mushroomy bursts.’

A new essay by Alice Ash.


Kate Lebo

‘Sam had a urate crystal in his toe, built by genes and rich eating.’

Kate Lebo on Xylitol.

The Mob and the Crowd

Noémi Lefebvre

‘The purveyors of legitimate violence are what matter above all’.

An excerpt from the novel Poetics of Work.

Three poems

Verity Spott

‘I’m better now, & time spreads away / across the flood.’

Three new poems from Verity Spott.

House of Flies

Claudia Durastanti

‘The disappointment only spread later, like an odorless gas seeping through the pipes, and the only complaints heard were from old people wandering around anxiously in the fog.’

Translated from the Italian by Elizabeth Harris.

In Conversation

Katherine Angel & Sam Byers

‘I was experiencing a sort of muteness and inhibition, a need to burrow away and think, quietly, alone.’

Katherine Angel, author of Tomorrow Sex Will Be Good Again speaks to Sam Byers, author of Come Join Our Disease.


AK Blakemore

‘I often had head lice as a child. Outbreaks circulated around my primary school on a seasonal basis.’

A new essay from the author of The Manningtree Witches.

Clara’s Parrot

Hebe Uhart

‘He laughs with a human laugh, a sinister and forceful cackle.’

Newly translated work from the Argentine writer Hebe Uhart.