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Notes on Craft

Missouri Williams

‘After a series of seizures in my temporal lobe, I started to forget words and say sentences backwards.’

Missouri Williams on the drive to circle back.

Scattered All Over the Earth

Yoko Tawada

‘You don’t understand. The country where I used to live is now gone.’

and the earth drank deep

Ntsika Kota

Ntsika Kota is the winner of the 2022 Commonwealth Short Story Prize for Africa.

The Stars Are Blind

Anna Dorn

‘A few years ago, while in between jobs, I started doing astrology readings for cash.’

Anna Dorn on her astrology journey.

In Conversation

Leslie Jamison & Margo Jefferson

‘The self is the work of art. Criticism puts that self in the service of other art.’

The authors discuss the multiplicity of the self, the idea of necessity, and how to work with what you lack.

The Last Diver on Earth

Sofia Mariah Ma

Winner of the 2022 Commonwealth Writers Short Story Prize for Asia.

Podcast | Eula Biss

Eula Biss

‘What does it say about capitalism that we have money and want to spend it but we can’t find anything worth buying?’

Eula Biss on her book Having and Being Had.

Podcast | Stephanie Sy-Quia

Stephanie Sy-Qyia

‘Empires fall like milk teeth.’

Stephanie Sy-Quia on her collection Amnion.

On Marble

Rachel Cusk

‘Two things – beauty and horror – are especially lasting.’


Guadalupe Nettel

‘It is easy, when we are young, to have ideals and to live according to them.’

An excerpt from Guadalupe Nettel’s Still Born.

Podcast | Tice Cin

Tice Cin

‘Careful when you turn your eyes towards someone, you allow them the chance to turn theirs on you.’

Tice Cin on her debut novel Keeping the House.


Ralf Webb

‘I sensed that as she listened she looked right through my skull and saw the cringing figure living there, the figure that keeps guard over all my secret strategies and disguises.’

New fiction from Ralf Webb.

A Hat for Lemer

Cecil Browne

Winner of the 2022 Commonwealth Writers Short Story Prize for Canada and Europe.

Dogs of Summer

Andrea Abreu

‘There was no one around that day, so we decided to put on our bikini tops for the first time.’

An extract from Andrea Abreu’s debut novel. Translated from the Spanish by Julia Sanches.