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Notes on Craft

Naoise Dolan

‘If something is usually done in novels, but I can’t actively justify doing it, then I don’t do it.’


Andrzej Tichý

‘we’re better equipped for the future than you could ever be’

The Kobold

Daisy Hildyard

In a plain material sense the condition of being alive is that of living inside this contradiction – being membrane-bound.


Catherine Lacey

‘The church has no thoughts. The church is brick and glass. If they ever slept there, they would see that.’


Magalí Etchebarne

‘A man, my mother once told me, is a small animal that looks immense.’

On the Extremest Verge

Mark Doty

Mark Doty on the sly wit and visionary luminosity of Walt Whitman.

Trees, Disease

Philip Marsden

‘The greatest problem with the recent enthusiasm for tree-planting is disease. Large-scale projects mean large-scale movement of tree stock, which in turn has helped spread a number of highly contagious arboreal pathogens.’

Notes on Craft

Alan Rossi

‘The whole universe emerges and lives through this little consciousness that we call our self.’

Thick Legs

Natalia Borges Polesso

‘Was soccer a sign? I don’t think so, nearly all the girls had boyfriends, except for Greice and Kelli, and I didn’t have one because I was a puta, as they used to say, I hooked up with everybody.’

Qualities of Earth

Rebecca May Johnson

‘Allotment earth is like the cache on a public computer, it holds too much information.’

I Remember

Georges Perec

Entries from Georges Perec’s I Remember, translated from the French by Philip Terry and David Bellos.

Forced Out

Kevin Maxwell

An excerpt from Kevin Maxwell’s revelatory exposé about his experiences in the British police force.

Diary of a London Lockdown

Poppy Sebag-Montefiore

‘The coronavirus seemed to demand immediate responses to the questions we’d been struggling with for years.’

Thrive: A Lyric Sequence

Jill Bialosky

‘Sometimes we could not see / anything before us. That’s what it / required.’