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On Silk

Sally Wen Mao

‘At the silk museum, / the silkworms crumpled themselves in baskets, / lazy and dazed in the spoils of mulberry.’

A poem by Sally Wen Mao.

A Strange Kind of Western

Rebecca Rukeyser

On seasonal work in Alaska and Kelly Reichardt.

Three Poems

Zaffar Kunial

‘In the blowy wet distance a yew, shivering.’

An excerpt from England’s Green by Zaffar Kunial.

Boys, Barricades, Beaches

Jack Parlett

On the queer history of New York’s Fire Island.

The Book of Goose

Yiyun Li

‘Just follow me, she had said, you do nothing but what I tell you to.’

An extract from Yiyun Li’s new novel.


Rosanna McLaughlin

‘She’d always been a heavy sweater, ever since puberty first coated her skin with downy fur, transforming the climate of her body into something dank and grotty.’

An excerpt from Rosanna McLaughlin’s Sinkhole.

Haunted Houses

Laura Maw

‘Ghost stories, then, are not always characterised by fear. Sometimes, they are stories of belief, comfort, faith.’

Laura Maw on the photography of Corinne May Botz.

Kick the Latch

Kathryn Scanlan

‘You live at the track, your life is full.’

An excerpt from Kathryn Scanlan’s new work of fiction, Kick the Latch.

The Unfolding

A.M. Homes

‘As the brightness increases, the sky flushes with pink and red hues somewhere between birth and Armageddon.’

An excerpt from A.M. Homes’ new novel.

Life Is Everywhere

Lucy Ives

‘Erin’s mother, whom Erin also loved, was a covetous person, treacherous and clever.’

An excerpt from Lucy Ives’ new novel.

In The Event

Eva Warrick

‘The sky hung bizarrely brownish and heavy below a pink teacup sun, like a portent of the outer space invasion.’

A story by Eva Warrick.


Edward Herring

‘Who needs a bed? he said one night. He was drinking beer out of an old dirty pickle jar.’

New fiction by Edward Herring

The Making of Acting Class

Nick Drnaso

Nick Drnaso on the making of his new graphic novel Acting Class, in this exclusive mini-documentary.