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Three Poems

Hannah Regel

‘It makes no difference / If the devil has been defeated or if it is your character’

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The Shrouds on the Glacier du Rhône

Simon Norfolk & Klaus Thymann & Francis Hodgson

Photographs of the Rhône Glacier by Simon Norfolk and Klaus Thymann, with an introduction by Francis Hodgson.

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Più Vivo

Diane Williams

‘You’ve seen I’m sure a performer on stage stock-still – during which time he waits for his ovation. This is how I am these days.’

New fiction from Diane Williams.

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The Lessons We Choose

Beth Gardiner

This will not be the last crisis. What can we learn from this one?

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Plague Diary: March

Gonçalo M. Tavares

A coronavirus diary from the Portuguese writer Gonçalo M. Tavares, translated by Daniel Hahn.

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Farm Tennis

Rob Magnuson Smith

‘Nobody bothered him when he was playing tennis. No matter how long he stayed out there, the door never took breaks.’

Fiction by Rob Magnuson Smith.

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Jon Fosse

‘To me writing is a kind of listening. I don’t know what I am listening to, but I am listening!’

A conversation with Norwegian writer Jon Fosse, longlisted for the International Booker.

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This Time of Dying

Reina James

An extract from This Time of Dying by Reina James.

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Some Rivers Meet

James Clarke

‘What a thing it must be to lose your marbles on your own, with not even enough milk in the fridge for a proper brew.’

Fiction by James Clarke.

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The White Dress

Nathalie Léger

Nathalie Léger, translated from the French by Natasha Lehrer.

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In Conversation

Morgan Parker & Rachel Long

‘I’m not like, it’s slavery’s fault I’m single, but also I’m like, it is slavery’s fault I’m single’

Rachel Long interviews Morgan Parker.

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City of Pigs

David Hayden

‘I have heard there is a city of pigs thirty miles from our city. I imagine it is only a farm. I cannot imagine a city of pigs.’

New fiction by David Hayden.

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Island Song

Madeleine Bunting

An extract from Madeleine Bunting’s first novel.

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Mama’s Last Hug

Frans de Waal

‘Watching behaviour comes naturally to me, so much so that I may be overdoing it.’