In the click-eat-click world of the attention economy, it’s hard to for us to compete with the cat videos and White House shenanigans vying for your eye-time. Which is why, once a fortnight, we make a shameless plea for your attention by sharing our favourite links from across the web.




  • Michiko Kakutani, book critic for the New York Times, is retiring after thirty-eight years. Inspiring both fascination and terror with their rigor and flair, Kakutani’s reviews have served as springboards to literary stardom, as well as epicentres of controversy. In 2003 she described Nicholson Baker’s A Box of Matches as ‘a particularly disposable artifact from a pre-9/11 world that willfully celebrated the trivial and minute.’ Baker said of the experience, ‘It was like having my liver taken out without anaesthesia.’


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