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Raül Garrigasait 

Raül Garrigasait (Solsona, 1979) is an award-winning novelist, essayist and translator. His novel ‘Els estranys’ (The Others), translated into English by Tiago Miller (2021), won both the Catalan Booksellers Llibreter Award and the Òmnium Award to the Best Novel of the Year in 2017. He also contributed to the collective book The Seven Deadly Sins (2022). Garrigasait translates from Greek and German and has brought the likes of Plato and Goethe into the Catalan language. A doctor in Classical Philology at University of Barcelona, he also acts as the director of La Casa dels Clàssics, a project that works to promote the creation and promotion of universal classics in the Catalan language. ‘Profecia’(Prophecy) is his latest novel.