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Leila Guerriero

Leila Guerriero is an Argentinian journalist. She began her career in 1991, as an editor with the magazine Página/30, part of the Argentine newspaper Página/12. Since then her texts have appeared in various publications across Latin America and Europe: La Nación and Rolling Stone, in Argentina; El País, Altaïr and Jot Down, in Spain; Piauí, in Brazil; Leopard, in Mexico; L’Internazionale, in Italy, among others. She is the author of many books, including Los suicidas del fin del mundo (Tusquets, 2004); Frutos extraños (2009, Aguilar, Alfaguara); Una historia sencilla (2013, Anagram); and La Otra Guerra (2021, Anagram). She has received the CEMEX + FNPI New Journalism Award, González-Ruano Prize, Blue Metropolis Grand Prix and Manuel Vázquez Montalbán International Journalism Award. She is the Latin American editor for Gatopardo magazine, and works as a teacher at the Gabo Foundation, founded by Gabriel García Márquez. Her work has been translated into English, French, German, Swedish, Portuguese, Italian and Polish.