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Kotaro Isaka

Kotaro Isaka debuted in 2000 with Audubon’s Prayer and has since been a leading voice of Japanese literary fiction. His works include Ahiru to Kamo no Coin Locker (2003, Yoshikawa Eiji Bungaku Award), The Precision of the Agent of Death (2005, Mystery Writers of Japan Award), Golden Slumber (2007, Yamamoto Shugoro and Japan Booksellers’ Awards) and most recently, Gyaku Sokuratesu (2020). Isaka’s books are published in Chinese, French, Korean, Taiwanese and Thai, and additional translations are forthcoming in English, Italian, Lithuanian and Russian. Harvill Secker is scheduled to publish Isaka’s Maria Beetle (2010) under the title Bullet Train in English in March 2021.