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Chus Pato

Chus Pato is one of Europe’s greatest contemporary poets. She lives in Galicia in the NW of Spain and writes in the Galician language. m-Talá, her sixth book of poetry and first in her pentalogy Decrúa (Delve), broke the poetic mould in Galicia in 2000. All five books of the pentalogy, translated by Erín Moure, have appeared in English: m-TaláCharentonHordes of WritingSecession (published with Insecession by Erín Moure), and Flesh of Leviathan. The original Hordes of Writing in Galician received the Spanish Critics’ Prize in 2008 and the Losada Diéguez Prize in Galicia in 2009. In 2013, the Galician Booksellers’ Association fêted Chus Pato as Author of the Year. In 2015, she became the first Galician poet to be recorded for the sound archives of the Woodberry Poetry Library at Harvard University. Her two-volume Collected Poems came out in Spanish translation in Barcelona in 2017, the year that she entered the Royal Galician Academy. She performs from her work and speaks frequently at literary festivals and conferences throughout Europe and in South America, and has also appeared in Canada, USA, Cuba and North Africa. She will read with Erín Moure at Queen’s College, Oxford University in November 2019.