No Stopping, No Getting Off


On the highway
600 miles from home

in a downpour
I said – what?

You want to get married?
We could die here

for lack of light
for fog

or because somebody
veers into our lane.




What You Need to Know


You need to know the word perineum
so that you do not accidentally use it
when you mean proscenium.

You need to know the location
of your keys in case of an emergency.
You need to know Hebrew

and then teach it to me. You need
to know that I have been reading
your mind and I don’t know who

Colleen is, but maybe tell her
that she really hurt your feelings.
Whatever you do, whatever

she does, whatever comes of us,
just remember to keep eating.



Photograph © Doctor Popular

The BBC National Short Story Award Shortlist