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Top Reads 2023 | Poetry

To mark the end of the year, we have compiled our most-read poetry publications of 2023.


Moving Nowhere Here | Kimberly Campanello

‘I continue to await / the perspective this feeling / ought to bring’

‘Moving Nowhere Here’ by Kimberly Campanello.


86 | Natalie Shapero

‘it’s wrong / to let delicacies, even when suspect, go untried, i have no wish to die, / he wrote’

’86’ by Natalie Shapero.


Two Poems | Bob Hicok

Two poems by Bob Hicok:

‘This raises the inevitable question: What’s your policy / on fog? When it gets in bed with you, who’s on top?’
– ‘Elements’

‘wants a cigarette more than ever, to tell someone, anyone, / a person or coyote, what he’s learned’
– ‘Dress for Success’


Two Poems | Eva Salzman

Two poems by Eva Salzman:

‘There never is nor was a single fact among facts I deem fact – it’s funny / that’
– ‘Whatever’

‘I want to go / or think I do / for the love of them / to stride an eloquently bleak Camargue’
– ‘Never over the nearly over’


Three Poems | Seán Hewitt

Three poems by Seán Hewitt:

‘sweetness on the tongue, / a gin of feral blood’
– ‘Haw’

‘Go to the gates, go through / Go in the dew with your wet shoes’
– ‘Interlude’

‘Make me a cloud of wings.’
– ‘Dispersion Song’


Eclogue of the ‘Big Garden’ | John Kinsella

‘Each compulsion to control to eradicate / is legacy is leeway is prestige is kudos’

‘Eclogue of the “Big Garden”‘ by John Kinsella.


Ecstatic Joy and its Variants | Peter Gizzi

‘as surely as this is about seeing you dance naked / it is also about the sky’

‘Ecstatic Joy and its Variants’ by Peter Gizzi.


Two Poems | Mary Jean Chan

Two poems by Mary Jean Chan:

‘I longed to please and impress, to cease the questions / concerning my impeccable English’
– ‘Sestina’

‘To disagree was to admit to my desire / for cruelty’
– ‘Out’


[harbour doubts] | Bebe Ashley

‘I don’t want to lie to you but I don’t want to tell you the truth either.’

‘[harbour doubts]’ by Bebe Ashley.


Two Poems | Rae Armantrout

Two poems by Rae Armantrout:

‘Sleep is my boyfriend, / my mother, my boss.’
– ‘Skid’

‘I can’t say / burning oil, but I can make you think it.’
– ‘Flame’


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