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The Ribbon of Valour

Hal Crowther

‘I'm sure there were defenders of raw meat and dark caves who lodged similar objections against the discovery of fire.’

Hal Crowther

Hal Crowther’s current collection of essays, Gather at the River, was 2006 finalist for the National Book Critics Circle prize for criticism. For his first collection, Unarmed but Dangerous, he was cited by Kirkpatrick Sale as ‘the best essayist working in journalism today’. Cathedrals of Kudzu, published in 2000, has been one of the New South’s most honoured and critically acclaimed works of non-fiction. It received the Lillian Smith Book Award from the Southern Regional Council, the 1999-2001 Fellowship Prize for Nonfiction from the Fellowship of Southern Writers and the 2001 Book of the Year Award for essays from ForeWord magazine. The Southern Book Critics Circle also chose Cathedrals as a finalist for the Southern Book Award in Nonfiction.

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