(For Bannon, Conway, Kelly, McConnell, Mulvaney, Pence & Ryan)

I’m going to level with you now about the despicable phoniness of those
who declare they’re going to level with you now: also, let me make it
abundantly clear that those who say let me make it abundantly clear

are shitting in your milk. There’s a sickness at the core of this but
let them scream whatever they want: we will size it up beautifully,
we will size it up without frenzy or sloth or pretense. And let it be

noted that it has been noted. I am sitting here very still in the question
of myself, and by the time this poem appears I expect I will be even
whiter. As you are aware the Irish only recently got to be white,

but some of us seem to be liking it an awful lot. My sandwich is finished
but I sit on in the middle of the square, decentered by the lassitude of
Thursday and this recurring sinus infection. Abroad remains the trio

of affinities – the body one inhabits; God, the cause or lack thereof of
all level of outrageous detail; and the other animals who walk around
me endlessly in circles. The day is a massacre of clarity: clouds erupting

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