I don’t use that word. I’ve heard it enough. So I’ve taken it out of circulation, just here, just at home. I say Slim instead, and Buddy understands. I have got Slim.

When Buddy pays a visit, I have to remind myself not to offer him a cushion. Most people don’t need cushions, they’re just naturally covered. So I keep all the cushions to myself, now that I’ve lost my upholstery.

Slim is what they call it in Uganda, and it’s a perfectly sensible name! You lose more weight than you thought was possible. You lose more weight than you could carry. Not that you feel like carrying anything. So I’ll say to Buddy on one of his visits, Did you see the local news? There was an item about newt conservation, and then there was an item about funding Slim research. But newts first. What’s it like talking to someone who’s outranked by a newt?

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