Raymond Carver 1938 to 1988 | Tess Gallagher | Granta Magazine

Raymond Carver, 1938 to 1988

Tess Gallagher

‘We were married in Reno, Nevada. It was a very Carveresque affair, held in the little Heart of Reno Chapel across from the courthouse. Afterwards we went gambling at Harrah's Club and with every turn of the wheel I won. I couldn't stop winning.’

Tess Gallagher

Tess Gallagher’s ‘Raymond Carver, 1938 to 1988’, an edited version of an address she gave at Carver’s memorial service, appeared in Granta 25. Her work includes the poetry collections Dear Ghosts (2006) and Portable Kisses (1993), and two volumes of short stories, The Lover of Horses (1986) and At the Owl Woman Saloon (1996).

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