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  • Published: 11/10/2012
  • ISBN: 9781846275111
  • Granta Books
  • 288 pages

The Emperor of Paris

C.S. Richardson

Like his father before him, Octavio runs the Notre Dame bakery and knows the secret recipe for the perfect Parisian baguette. But, also like his father, Octavio has never mastered the art of reading and his only knowledge of the world beyond the bakery door comes from his own imagination. Just a few streets away, Isabeau works out of sight in the basement of the Louvre, trying to forget her disfigured beauty by losing herself in the paintings she restores and the stories she reads. The two might never have met, but for a curious chain of coincidences involving an impoverished painter, a jaded bookseller, and a book of fairytales, lost and found… Evocative, romantic, and wise, this is a magical novel about the power of stories – to help us find enchantment, freedom, and sometimes even love.

I adore this book. It is fragile and beautiful. It aches with romance. It is for art lovers, book lovers and Francophiles. It tells its tale quietly and splendidly

Katie Ward, author, Girl Reading

In this beautiful follow-up to his award-winning first novel, The End of the Alphabet, Richardson constructs vignettes that unfold over several decades, ultimately connected by twists of fate braided like brioche... Tenderly drawn

Joana Lourenco, Elle

Quietly beautiful... This is a novel to relish... If you love finely crafted sentences and spare, elegant prose; if you love charming characters and a tender, affecting story; if you love books and Paris and boulangeries, you will love this novel

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The Author

CS Richardson‘s first novel, The End of the Alphabet, was an international bestseller published in thirteen countries and ten languages. Winner of the Commonwealth Writers Prize for Best First Book (Canada & the Caribbean), it was named to four Best of the Year lists and was adapted for radio drama by BBC’s Radio 4. Richardson is also an accomplished and award-winning book designer. He lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

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