Stillness | Granta

  • Published: 14/10/2004
  • ISBN: 9781862076594
  • Granta Books
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Courtney Brkic

In 1991, a war began in Yugoslavia that would last four years and claim more than a quarter of a million lives. Here, Courtney Angela Brkic puts a human face on the lost, the missing, the exiled and the invisible, from all sides of the conflict.

The Author

Courtney Brkic has been a freelance translator for the UN War Crimes Tribunal, a sociological researcher and contract translator in Croatia (where her family originally came from), a forensic archaeologist in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and a volunteer for Physicians for Human Rights. She is the author of Stillness. She lives in the USA, lecturing at George Mason University.

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The Stone Fields

Courtney Brkic

Twenty-three years old, forensic archaeologist Courtney Brkic joined a UN-contracted team excavating mass grave sites in eastern Bosnia. She was drawn there by her family history – her father is Croatian – and she was fluent in the language. As she describes the gruesome work of recovering remains and transcribing the memories of survivors, she reimagines her family’s own catastrophic history in Yugoslavia. Alternating chapters explore her grandmother’s life: her childhood in Herzegovina, early widowhood and imprisonment during the Second World War for hiding her Jewish lover. The movement throughout the book between the past and the present has a powerful effect, evoking belonging and nationality, what it is to feel rooted in a particular country, how its landscape forms you, and also shedding light on the roots of violence and genocide.