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  • Published: 04/04/2013
  • ISBN: 9781847085276
  • 129x20mm
  • 288 pages

Hawthorn and Child

Keith Ridgway

Hawthorn and his partner, Child, are called to the scene of a mysterious shooting in North London. The only witness is unreliable, the clues are scarce, and the victim, a young man who lives nearby, swears he was shot by a ghost car. While Hawthorn battles with fatigue and strange dreams, the crime and the narrative slip from his grasp and the stories of other Londoners take over: a young pickpocket on the run from his boss; an editor in possession of a disturbing manuscript; a teenage girl who spends her days at the Tate Modern; and a madman who has been infected by former Prime Minister, Tony Blair. Haunting these disparate lives is the shadowy figure of Mishazzo, an elusive crime magnate who may be running the city, or may not exist at all.

An idiosyncratic and fascinating novel... refreshingly contemporary in language and style

Zadie Smith

Breathtakingly unpredictable... the writing is perfectly assured and elegant

Scarlett Thomas, Guardian

He turns people inside out, detailing their quirks and vulnerabilities with engaging perceptiveness

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The Author

Keith Ridgway is a Dubliner and the author of the novels The Long Falling, The Parts and Animals, as well as the collection of stories Standard Time and the novella Horses. His books have won awards and acclaim in Ireland and internationally and are translated widely. He lived in North London for eleven years. He now lives somewhere else.

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Keith Ridgway

From the same fictional world as his forthcoming novel Hawthorn & Child, Keith Ridgway gives us a self-contained story about the danger of stories. A novelist that no one reads, Clive Drayton has decided to set aside literary fiction and write a bestseller. Easy, right? But there are choices to be made. What sort of story should it be? A thriller, of course. About a convoluted and compelling terrorist plot, and the copper who must stop it. And the target? Well, it’s London, it’s 2012 – what do you think the target is? What could possibly go wrong? Ridgway gives us a comic and cautionary tale about a man who tries to make it all up, and about the risk of being believed.

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Marching Songs

Keith Ridgway

‘I believe, though I cannot prove, that my illness is due directly to the perverted Catholicism and megalomania of Mr Tony Blair, former Prime Minister, whom I met once.’