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  • Published: 06/09/2012
  • ISBN: 9781847085887
  • Granta Books
  • 368 pages

Every Love Story is a Ghost Story

D.T. Max

David Foster Wallace is to contemporary literature what Kurt Cobain is to music. He died young enough for his promise and his achievements to solidify into a legend. For many, he became someone worth reading, revering, following.

How had a teen tennis prodigy turned ace philosophy student turned novelist managed to become a generation-defining star? And how painful was that process for him? What was it that he stood for that chimed with so many? And how much did his, and his country’s, addictions defeat him? D. T. Max was determined to find out, and this scrupulous and revealing biographical study, which draws on conversations with those closest to Wallace and on extensive archive material, is the haunting result.

This book is very well-researched, deeply sympathetic, and incredibly painful to read. We should feel grateful that this story was told by someone as talented and responsible as D.T. Max

Dave Eggers, author, Zeitoun

Luminously [ties] Wallace's writings to his life, and chart[s] the course of his ­literary development with outstanding subtlety... [A] supremely understated and magnificently comprehensive life of a remarkable writer... Tremendous

Robert Collins, Sunday Times

Max moves the popular statue of Wallace out of the way and replaces it with a smaller, truer monument... [He] shows a truly ethical self-discipline in refraining from assumption about what was going on in that troubled brain... Nuanced, deeply reported and fiercely sad

Archie Bland, Independent

The Author

D. T. MAX is a journalist and essayist who has written for the New York Times Book Review, and the LA Times. He is currently a Staff Writer with the New Yorker, His previous book with Portobello was The Family That Couldn’t Sleep (2007). www.dtmax.com

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