A Journal Of The Flood Year | Granta

  • Published: 06/04/2009
  • ISBN: 9781846271670
  • 129x20mm
  • 224 pages

A Journal Of The Flood Year

David Ely

In a near-future, half-flooded world governed by technobureaucracy and ultraconformity, where human contact is abhorrent and passion unheard of, William Fowke already has a reputation as a trouble-maker. And now he insists that the Wall – the engineering marvel that keeps what remains of America’s East Coast from being inundated by the Atlantic Ocean – is leaking. Convicted of sedition and ‘excluded’, Fowke begins a horrific, thrilling odyssey through a nether world of gulags. With the exception of agent Julia Keller, who arrested him, everyone is hostile, including his former bosses and fellow prisoners, leaving Fowke excluded even by the excluded. And desperate to get back to his threatened Wall to sound the alarm …

Ely is an astonishing talent

Anthony Burgess

Ely's prose is so elegantly spare and his sense of pace so effortless that this watery world is not only credible but poignant as an imagining of irreversible losses that are already in the process of occurring. And the kind of mourning that masquerades as heady anticipation might just be what futuristic fiction is really for

Chris Ross, Guardian

This novel about one man's fight against the authorities has become something of a classic of dystopian futuristic fiction. Given the increasing conviction of the environmental argument in the past 15 years, it is now even more timely

Lesley McDowell, Independent

The Author

David Ely is the author of several novels, including Seconds (which was made into a movie starring Rock Hudson), and two acclaimed short story collections. His writing has appeared in the Atlantic, Playboy and Kenyon Review.

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