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In Conversation

Kathryn Scanlan & Kate Zambreno

‘When a day is not structured by appointments, meetings, driving to work, taking lunch, driving home, shopping (i.e. capitalism), its soft, loose (wild?) shapelessness becomes apparent.’

Kathryn Scanlan

Kathryn Scanlan is the author of Aug 9—Fog and The Dominant Animal. She lives in Los Angeles and is the recipient of a 2021 Literature Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Image © Melanie Schiff

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Kate Zambreno

Kate Zambreno is the author of several books, most recently Screen TestsAppendix Project, and Book of Mutter. Her writing has appeared in The Paris ReviewVQR, and elsewhere.Her novel, Drifts, is forthcoming in May from Riverhead Books. She is at work on a study of Hervé Guibert for Columbia University Press.

Image © Heather Sten

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