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Hazleton Public Schools, Pennsylvania

Judith Joy Ross & Liz Jobey

Judith Joy Ross

Judith Joy Ross went to school in the small town of Hazleton, Pennsylvania. She was born there in 1946, the daughter of two classical pianists, and after senior high school went to Philadelphia to study art and then Chicago to study photography. In 1992 she went back to Hazleton to make a series of portraits of the children at her old schools. By then she had an international reputation. Her photographs were collected by the Museum of Modern Art. She was forty-six, the age adulthood strikes home, when there is as much to look back on as to look forward to. Her photographic essay ‘Hazleton Public Schools’ is featured in Granta 55.  

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Liz Jobey

Liz Jobey was the Deputy Editor of Granta 1998–2002 and before that was Editor of the Independent on Sunday Review and Literary Editor of the Guardian.

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