The cover story of Granta 103 is Richard Watson’s remarkable investigation into the origins – and the rise – of the British jihad. At present, in Britain, there are at least 200 indigenous active terrorist cells being monitored by the Security Service MI5, with 4,000 British Muslims considered to be a threat to national security. How did the British jihad start and how do we stop it?

In this film, Richard Watson discusses his article with David Henshaw, executive producer of Channel 4’s Dispatches: Undercover Mosque films; Usman Raja, a former jihadist who is now working to aid the social integration of Britain’s Muslim youth; Iftikhar Ahmed, the head of the London School of Islamics; and Sheikh Musa Admani, the first iman to be appointed to a British university, who has worked on counter-radicalization programmes both in Britain and abroad.


Detective Story
Hannah Gersen | Interview