Best of Young British Novelist Evie Wyld shares five things she’s reading, watching and thinking about right now.


1. The Book of Sharks by Richard Ellis
This was a kind of storybook to me as a kid – there’s a painting he did of a diver being pursued by what looks like an albino great white shark, while a megalodon lurks in the background. I recently got all my shark books back from my friend Joe Sumner, who has been illustrating my memoir Everything is Teeth, so I’m going back over them.

2. House of Cards
I’ve just started watching this, and understand such a minimal amount of what’s going on, but I love it. The first time Kevin Spacey addresses you directly is just amazing. I love the way he knocks twice on things when he’s done with talking.

3. Breaking Bad
Very late to this, but the reason I had to start watching House of Cards (which I’m also late to) is that I felt so traumatised by the final series of Breaking Bad. I can’t even really think about it, but it’s flavoured my summer.

4. Viviane Schwarz’s Anxiety
This can be found on Viv’s blog if you look hard, and it’s one of the most beautiful and funny things. It also captures something so elemental about anxiety – she’s turning it into a book which I cannot wait to get hold of.

5. H Day by Renée French
One of the reasons there’s no literary fiction on this list is that I’m finding reading difficult at the moment, and this book, which is a graphic novel about migraines (and an ant infestation) is the best description of what that’s all about.


Artwork courtesy of Joe Sumner

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