hello all of you
brilliant poets and poetry fans
such appetites etc
I was thinking
tomorrow morning
how about you
walk out of your jobs
and those without jobs walk into them just up and toodle-ooo
just up and hello nice to meet you
take the staple gun
fantasise interiors
my name all of a sudden is
if you could redecorate
one thing
my name all of a sudden is
I want to quit my job
and start negotiating
(I like my job)
take the coffee machine
that’s going nowhere
trellised rose wallpaper
take the water cooler
I’m so anti-it I can’t put
it into words there’s a kind of exit
that never really happens
that is just ongoing –
like saying all the time the whole party
I need to go soon I need to go soon and
people keep offering you stuff and telling you stories
negotiate till doomsday

The Poetics of Trauma