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Diana Matar

‘The features and expressions were uncannily contemporary. Some seemed to be mirror images of the people I had seen at the protest in Piazza del Gesù.’

Yerevan, Armenia

Viken Berberian

‘Ever since the pandemic, our neighborhood is mostly deserted, except for the pigeons and statues.’

Le Flottement

Janine di Giovanni

‘Their lives were halted in time, a predicament they accepted with grace, sometimes even with humor. They appeared to be floating.’


Wiktoria Wojciechowska & Lisa Halliday

‘But only a city without people is immune. Only a city in which nothing circulates, nothing changes hands, nothing flourishes.’

Lisa Halliday introduces the photography of Wiktoria Wojciechowska.

Daughter of Radium

Joe Dunthorne

‘As a child, my grandmother brushed her teeth every day with radioactive toothpaste.’


China Miéville

‘That after so many years of feeling that some Event was due, that something vast must surely happen, something vast happened. Is happening.’

The Fascist Within

Vesna Maric

‘Yugoslavia’s ending, in bloodshed, cannot be its only legacy, the only lesson we take away from its existence.’

The Doe

Daisy Lafarge

‘Never uncomplicated, affection between species is the cup of temperance whose waters run in both directions.’

The Museum of Whales You Will Never See

A. Kendra Greene

‘The Icelandic Phallological Museum is smaller than you’d think. The domestic collection of 212 specimens fits in one room.’ 

This Compost: Erotics of Rot

Elvia Wilk

‘Mushrooms sprout from the bathtub grout; disintegrating apples overflow from the trash can. Insects circle. The decomposition is lively and sensorially overwhelming.’


Jeffery Renard Allen

‘It would be many years before I understood that around my mother’s sober acceptance of the status quo was a whole culture she had developed for our subsistence and well-being.’

Seeing Things

Emily LaBarge

‘The City of the city is jagged and spiky, tangled, twisted – burned down, paved over, rebuilt, unruly with wealth and poverty side by side, as they have always been.’

Feeling Bullish: On My Great-Uncle, Gay Matador and Friend of Hemingway

Rebekah Frumkin

‘In his suit, with his pigtail and his montera, he was pure potential: he could be masculine vanquisher or gold-embroidered fairy. He was both, actually, at all times, and nobody who came to see him fight thought any less of him for it.’

The Poetry Vaccine

Peter Pomerantsev

‘The quarantine and the closure of borders was giving my father Cold War flashbacks. And while Covid-19 was reducing life and death to statistics, father was using literature to affirm individuality.’