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A Wider Patch of Sky

Javier Zamora & Francisco Cantú

‘We’re so much more than those things. Citizen or undocumented. Border Patrol or immigrant.’

Letters between Javier Zamora and Francisco Cantú.

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Sarah Shin & Grace M. Cho

‘I’m drawn to the irrational because it has the potential to radicalise our senses.’

The authors discuss ghosts, transgenerational mourning and communal cooking.

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Tao Lin & Anna Dorn

‘Do you ever prefer speaking to written communication?’

The authors discuss nature and the psyche, confessional writing and Wikipedia.

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Abi Palmer & Alice Hattrick

The authors discuss the practice of writing about illness, explore the idea of crip time and critique the value of medical labels.

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Hatty Nestor & Nathalie Olah

A discussion on the class system, the decline of criticism and driving on American highways, by the authors of Ethical Portraits: In Search of Representational Justice and Steal as much as you can.

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Louise Kennedy & Sarah Moss

Two Ireland-based writers discussing national identity, disappointing holidays and art deco china.

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Natasha Brown & Victoria Adukwei Bulley

A discussion about exhaustion, refusal and the beginner’s mindset.

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Patrik Svensson & Rebecca Tamás

‘I want to pull the emergency brake’

The authors discuss anger, attention and noticing the nonhuman.

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Katherine Angel & Sam Byers

‘I was experiencing a sort of muteness and inhibition, a need to burrow away and think, quietly, alone.’

Katherine Angel, author of Tomorrow Sex Will Be Good Again speaks to Sam Byers, author of Come Join Our Disease.

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Jeremy Atherton Lin & Kevin Brazil

‘My larger concern is that as we sequester online, our lack of imagination threatens to foreclose our respect for other people’s realities.’

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Madeleine Watts & Lucie Elven

‘The moments of relief in this awful year that will stick with me are roaming around at strange hours, walking in the middle of the road.’


Fergus Thomas & Duane Hall

‘You can really feel the horses, when you’re around them, you can feel their spirit coming to life.’

In Conversation

Nadia Owusu & Caleb Azumah Nelson

‘Out of those roots, radical possibilities bloom. Future is created with each note.’