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Carol Farrelly

Winner of the Commonwealth Writers Short Story Prize from the region of Canada and Europe.

I Cleaned the –

Kanya D’Almeida

Overall winner of the 2021 Commonwealth Writers Short Story Prize, as well as winner for the region of Asia.


Natasha Brown

‘My mother was always telling me over the phone about people who had recently died.’

An excerpt from Natasha Brown’s debut novel.

Exit Father

Mai Nardone

‘He was a tossed coin, two faces alternating to catch the light.’

A story by Mai Nardone.

The Great Mistake

Jonathan Lee

‘The first attempt on the life of Andrew Green had occurred on Thanksgiving Day in 1873.’

An excerpt from the new novel by Jonathan Lee.

Granddaughter of the Octopus

Rémy Ngamije

Winner of the Commonwealth Writers Short Story Prize for the region of Africa.

People Who Live Here

Holly Pester

‘Another man dithering around six foot two had recently moved in.’

A story by Holly Pester, author of Comic Timing.

The Woman in the Purple Skirt

Natsuko Imamura

An excerpt from The Woman in the Purple Skirt, which won the 2019 Akutagawa Prize.

Dead Souls

Sam Riviere

‘The uproar was immediate. Criticism and condemnation rose on all sides.’

Sam Riviere on publishing’s deal souls.

The Child

Kjersti A. Skomsvold

Translated from the Norwegian by Martin Aitken, an excerpt from The Child by Kjersti A. Skomsvold.

Anne-Marie the Beauty

Yasmina Reza

An excerpt from the playwright’s new book.

If You Kept a Record of Sins

Andrea Bajani

‘It’s like a second gestation, like entering the world a second time.’

An excerpt from Andrea Bajani’s novel If You Kept a Record of Sins, available from Archipelago Books. Translated from the Italian by Elizabeth Harris.

Second Place

Rachel Cusk

‘I stepped around as joyfully as a faun in a forest on the first day of creation.’

An excerpt from Rachel Cusk’s new novel.


Ben Pester

‘Graham is telling the woman that he is Orientating you. The woman in the blue cardigan looks at you and nods very solemnly.’

A story from Ben Pester’s Am I in the Right Place, available now from Boiler House Press.