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The Premonition

Banana Yoshimoto

‘A sudden rustling in your chest. A premonition of understanding.’

Fiction by Banana Yoshimoto, translated by Asa Yoneda.


Devon Brody

‘It is a nice thing when we say to each other, I am as happy with you as I am when I am alone.’

A story by Devon Brody.

Vengeance is Mine

Marie NDiaye

‘I’m simply trying to do good, Sharon, in the way that I can.’

Fiction by Marie NDiaye, translated by Jordan Stump.

Sever Babylon

Fer Boyd

‘On this fine, hazy day, the eyes are hazel, the tongue long and spackled with a white coating.’

Fiction by Fer Boyd, winner of The Space Crone Prize.

Green Shade

E. De Zulueta

‘The jungle itself presents little threat to us, ground herbage is sparse, large predators are rare.’

Fiction by E. De Zulueta.

Messages with the Supplicant

Nicolette Polek

‘On Good Friday, the priest in the livestream video stood inside the darkened sanctuary.’

Fiction by Nicolette Polek.


Noel O’Regan

‘The opening day of the tour covered the Iveragh peninsula.’

A story by Noel O’Regan, author of Though the Bodies Fall.


Allen Bratton

‘He is an ancestor, he has had his son, he has lost possession of the world.’

Fiction by Allen Bratton.

I Hear You’re Rich

Diane Williams

“I hear you’re rich. Can you give me some of your money? I hear you’re rich. ”

Fiction by Diane Williams.

Conversations with My Father

Idra Novey

‘I tell my dead father if he gives any more advice that rhymes, I’ll leave this story unfinished.’

Fiction by Idra Novey.

Family Meal

Bryan Washington

‘It’s a paper bag filled with pastries. Chicken turnovers.’

An extract from Family Meal by Bryan Washington.

The Tide

Adèle Rosenfeld

‘In my ears were muted thumps, the drumbeat of my pulse.’

Fiction by Adèle Rosenfeld, translated by Jeffrey Zuckerman.

A Life Where Nothing Happens

Mazen Maarouf

‘His fear was that we would die in front of him and so he thought of us all the time, which is not what he wanted.’

Fiction by Mazen Maarouf.


Nicola Barker

‘Insofar as value for money is relevant to art, that audience – an attentive audience, a great audience – were determined to get it.’

Fiction by Nicola Barker.