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Eloghosa Osunde

‘It’s a story that happens to you once and then lives with you forever.’

An excerpt from Vagabonds! by Eloghosa Osunde.

You Must, You Will

Ben Hinshaw

‘Once the Frosties had been eaten, she had no choice but to run.’

Fiction by Ben Hinshaw.

The Wonders

Elena Medel

‘You need money even to protest.’


Lauren Groff

New short fiction by Lauren Groff.


Emily Adrian

‘I had also, a week earlier, been fired for trying to sleep with my boss’s husband. I got the idea from a book, or maybe every book.’

New fiction by Emily Adrian.

Acts of Desperation

Megan Nolan

‘I wish I could step inside this memory and steady myself, put a cool reassuring hand on my own and convince myself to wait.’

An excerpt from Megan Nolan’s Acts of Desperation, shortlisted for the Sunday Times Young Writers Award.

Pure Colour

Sheila Heti

‘She had never seen that colour before. It was the colour of a father dying.’

An excerpt from Sheila Heti’s forthcoming novel.


Janice Galloway

‘To catch an octopus needs stillness.’

Fiction by Janice Galloway.

The Physician

Nathan Harris

‘The boy is long dead, of course. Buried outside of town in a pile with the rest of the bodies.’

Historical fiction by Nathan Harris.

The Emperor Concerto

Julie Hecht

‘Upbringing is important, and I’ve never gotten over mine.’

Fiction by Julie Hecht.

An Olive Grove in Ends

Moses McKenzie

‘The infamous Hughes family – known to police and hospital staff across the city.’

Fiction set in Bristol by Moses McKenzie.

The Picnic Pavilion

Debbie Urbanski

‘They are wearing dresses. I am not wearing a dress. Another difference is they’re dead and I am not dead.’

Debbie Urbanski on the BRCA1 gene.

a cold white wing

Kate Zambreno

‘I wonder what I sounded like, whether my voice was recognizable as the animal I had been.’

Fiction by Kate Zambreno.


Ariana Harwicz

‘Why can’t the heart keep still and why isn’t the brain smooth to the touch.’

An excerpt from Ariana Harwicz’s novel Tender.