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from Affiliation

Mira Mattar

‘on our knees in bathrooms internationally / dependent on a disguise of sovereignty’

Two Poems

Wendy Xu

‘Somewhere in America a white boss / in a dandelion dress-shirt is raising / his voice again’

Three Poems

Najwan Darwish

‘I’m not dead yet / so why are the mourners here?’

In Medias Res

Jesse Darling

‘I walk the broken line like I once walked into the bar’

On a Farm near Junction City

Nate Duke

‘broiled thoughts / cool in labor’s mute thrum’


Jason Allen-Paisant

‘I have started to see that nothing is itself’

Two Poems

Holly Pester

‘Abuse is the conjuring of madness’

Four Poems

Sylvia Legris

‘Carboniferous cockroach. / Gregarious cockroach.’

Two Poems

sam sax

‘grief is an animal. we all know that. but which animal / exactly? what kingdom, what family, is it ever a fish?’

Best Book of 1891: The Birds of Manitoba

Sylvia Legris

‘During the pandemic, birds (along with many insects and wild plants) have landed in my life and poems again.’

Two Poems

Jason Allen-Paisant

‘in iron lignum vitae / wind and leaves / keep memory’

Two Poems

Amit Chaudhuri

‘It was chick peas that kept you alive.’


Rowan Evans

‘yours is no magic    is only wyrm sickness’