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Two Poems

Mary Jean Chan

‘Can I be myself now? I ask / my parents in a dream.’

Two poems from Mary Jean Chan’s collection Bright Fear.

The Pink Plastic Glove

Dolors Miquel

‘A pink plastic glove arrives, I say hello, pink plastic glove, you’ve arrived.’

Poetry by Dolors Miquel, translated by Peter Bush.

Three Poems

Elvis Bego

‘you notice / that some‬ of these men / are full of passionate music / while others pain your ears’

Poetry by Elvis Bego.

Two Poems

Mark Waldron

‘Something good leaks out of the world / Something bad leaks in’

Poetry by Mark Waldron.

Two Poems

Rae Armantrout

‘Sleep is my boyfriend, / my mother, my boss.’

Two poems by Rae Armantrout.

Two Poems

Maya C. Popa

‘the widening gap / between two kinds of life: the one lived and the one / remembered.’

Two poems by Maya C. Popa.


Natalie Shapero

‘it’s wrong / to let delicacies, even when suspect, go untried’

A poem by Natalie Shapero.

Two Poems

Bob Hicok

‘What’s your policy on fog? When it gets in bed with you, who’s on top?’

Poetry by Bob Hicok.

Two Poems

Raymond Antrobus

‘The crack / and spit of sickness is everywhere, everyone / is tangled in the mess.’

Poetry by Raymond Antrobus.

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Christodoulos Makris

‘like us or not don’t be afraid toss us a follow it counts’

Poetry by Christodoulos Makris.

Two Poems

Eva Salzman

‘I might as well have not said or done what I said I said or did.’

Poetry by Eva Salzman.

Eclogue of the ‘Big Garden’

John Kinsella

‘I will go elsewhere / and remember, recall where / I came from’

A poem by John Kinsella.

Ecstatic Joy and Its Variants

Peter Gizzi

‘surely this is about water jetting from a spring, / a languid rafting with no particular destination’

Poetry by Peter Gizzi.

Two Poems

Tim Liardet

‘Head up, / head down, it strolled ever so slowly out of the frame / with the suggestion of a limp. Extinct as an umbrella.’

Poetry by Tim Liardet.