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Qualities of Earth

Rebecca May Johnson

‘Allotment earth is like the cache on a public computer, it holds too much information.’

I Remember

Georges Perec

Entries from Georges Perec’s I Remember, translated from the French by Philip Terry and David Bellos.

Forced Out

Kevin Maxwell

An excerpt from Kevin Maxwell’s exposé of structural racism in the British police force.

Diary of a London Lockdown

Poppy Sebag-Montefiore

‘The coronavirus seemed to demand immediate responses to the questions we’d been struggling with for years.’

To All My Past Neighbors

Jessica Francis Kane

‘Connections are being forged, even as we keep our distance. Let’s hold onto them in the after.’

Jessica Francis Kane on neighbourliness in the time of COVID-19.

The Paternoster: A Requiem

Mark Blacklock

‘To step into a paternoster lift is to step into the circulatory system of a building, to become a part of its very structure.’

On Alice Coltrane

Ashley Kahn

‘I habitually compartmentalize, until an artist so singular and unrooted reminds me to reboot my thinking.’

Carrot Bread

Annabel Banks

‘A short story is a loose-knit sweater, a trawler’s net, where the spaces and holes are inseparable from the whole.’

Plague Diary: April

Gonçalo M. Tavares

‘Pictures from some cities in Latin America: the burning in front of the family home of the dead who are not collected by the state.’


Rana Dasgupta

‘We cherish communion, exchange and intercourse, of course, but also distance, seclusion and defence. Talk of membranes, therefore, is never entirely literal.’


Anita Roy

‘Under a microscope, its skin looks lacy and netted, and it is this very porousness that makes these creatures so vulnerable.’


Anita Khemka & Rana Dasgupta

‘Laxmi’s religious aura is exceptional among hijras, who do not usually reach deity status.’

Rana Dasgupta introduces the photography of Anita Khemka.


Mónica de la Torre

‘Eerily animated, it’s as if the gloves persist in their attempt to express something that can’t be reduced to words, something untranslatable.’


Anouchka Grose

‘What a strange, terrible, exciting present – something you have to defile in order to appreciate.’