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Ruchir Joshi

‘Calcutta is an hourglass and each person is a grain of sand. Each day, we all pour through the opening.’

Photographs and memoir by Ruchir Joshi.


Sandra Newman

‘It was a rescue horse, but a horse.’

Memoir by Sandra Newman.

Fire and Ice

Debra Gwartney

‘The rental house is where he would die.’

Debra Gwartney on the last days of Barry Lopez.

Confusion of Tongues

Fernanda Melchor

‘For a long time I avoided saying his name.’

Tell It Slant

Hilton Als

On Renata Adler’s Speedboat.

Notes on Craft

Oli Hazzard

Poet Oli Hazzard on writing his debut novel Lorem Ipsum, which is made up of one single 50,000-word sentence.

Tiki Girl

Amanda Lee Koe

‘One learns not to hold on too tightly to anything in Singapore’

The Safe Zone

Nina Mingya Powles

An essay from Small Bodies of Water, the winner of the inaugural Nan Shepherd Prize.


Max Porter

A new story by Max Porter – part of our series in partnership with The Arts House, Singapore.

What’s in a Name?

Victoria Princewill

‘Names do not just carry intimacy, they determine the extent of it’.

Victoria Princewill on names and consent.

Some Trouble

Sharlene Teo

Sharlene Teo on getting in trouble – part of a new series, in partnership with The Arts House, Singapore.

Black Box

Shiori Ito

Shiori Ito has become integral to the #MeToo movement taking hold in Japan.

Remembering Janet Malcolm

Sigrid Rausing

‘The book is in my studio and I am about to go out and buy fresh glue’.

Breast or Tooth?

Tishani Doshi

‘A breast just casually hanging around, being a functional exocrine gland, enjoying the sun? Impossible.’

Tishani Doshi on women’s rights in India.