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Two Poems

Maya C. Popa

‘Things assume a sort of peace / if you accept life’s limitations.’

Poetry by Maya C. Popa.

Nearly White Girl Girling on Behalf of Sonic Fluency

Eve Esfandiari-Denney

‘I hope to hear the spirit of my mother’s native pessimism faintly pass through a line of translated poetry’

Poetry from Eve Esfandiari-Denney.

[3. Ekphrastic]

Nam Le

‘Tinge of colour decay.’

Poetry by Nam Le.

David Attenborough

K Patrick

‘Motherhood is this chapter, / we all love a mother, / disastrous as it is.’

Poetry by K Patrick.

Calais to Dover

Jana Prikryl

‘If you need a renewable resource / then look in the direction of the sea. / It’s deep as feelings you didn’t know you had.’

Poetry by Jana Prikryl.

Hades Baedeker

Ken Chen

‘You may need to gaze at death indirectly, through a mirror crafted into a shield.’

Poetry by Ken Chen.

mutiliation with a goal

Elfriede Czurda

‘the density in the brain telescoped and collapsed with a scream’

Poetry by Elfriede Czurda, translated by Rosmarie Waldrop.


Frederick Seidel

‘Poetry is a disgrace on a warm spring day in March. You look at the sky with unconditional love.’

Poetry by Frederick Seidel.

His Idylls at Happy Grove

Ishion Hutchinson

'the sand trenches, where the anonymous / sprung up a permanent humility.'

Poetry from Ishion Hutchinson

Blood comedy

K Patrick

‘Stopping has become a mutual desire. The things we want to stop. Mostly sounds of other people.’

A poem by K Patrick.

Two poems

Madeleine Stack

‘I won her with my grief first / a mess of steaming entrails, enticing / with its gloss.’

Two poems by Madeleine Stack.

Four Poems

Phoebe Power

‘They queue up to pass, lap / like waves beside her, to receive the darshan / from her one, black eye.’

Poetry by Phoebe Power.

Two Poems

Daniel D’Angelo

‘Joy, you know, is murky like melancholy.’

Poetry by Daniel D’Angelo.