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Two Poems

Wendy Xu

‘Somewhere in America a white boss / in a dandelion dress-shirt is raising / his voice again’

Three Poems

Najwan Darwish

‘I’m not dead yet / so why are the mourners here?’

In Medias Res

Jesse Darling

‘I walk the broken line like I once walked into the bar’

On a Farm near Junction City

Nate Duke

‘broiled thoughts / cool in labor’s mute thrum’


Jason Allen-Paisant

‘I have started to see that nothing is itself’

Two Poems

Holly Pester

‘Abuse is the conjuring of madness’

Four Poems

Sylvia Legris

‘Carboniferous cockroach. / Gregarious cockroach.’

Two Poems

sam sax

‘grief is an animal. we all know that. but which animal / exactly? what kingdom, what family, is it ever a fish?’

Best Book of 1891: The Birds of Manitoba

Sylvia Legris

‘During the pandemic, birds (along with many insects and wild plants) have landed in my life and poems again.’

Two Poems

Jason Allen-Paisant

‘in iron lignum vitae / wind and leaves / keep memory’

Two Poems

Amit Chaudhuri

‘It was chick peas that kept you alive.’


Rowan Evans

‘yours is no magic    is only wyrm sickness’

Third Eclogue of the Vegetable Garden

John Kinsella

‘What you don’t know set / against all you want to know’