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Four Poems

Bill Manhire

‘There is only one of me, she says, / but we all know there are two.’

Fossil Dinner

Daisy Lafarge

‘The poor dish looks just like me.’

Summer. Gates of the Body.

Galina Rymbu

‘I want to eat your rough hand that caresses me.’

Two Poems

Aaron Fagan

‘it / Was chaos in the way nature is a chaos.’

Five Poems

Sawako Nakayasu

‘Although bara is homonymous with rose, this is not a rose-rose incident.’

Four Poems

Ian Seed

‘We were afraid to touch it – it looked cold enough / to burn us.’

At the Peckhamplex

Will Harris

‘the snow reflecting off / your torch was the / colour of your thoughts’


Colin Herd

‘No I’m not tired I said. / No I’m not thirsty I said. / I’m sassy.’

Power and Privilege

Ken Babstock

‘We do it all day every day until we can’t see. / We do it with a belt between our teeth.’

Poem Written from Inside a Leather Pig Mask

Sam Sax

‘child who dreams of growing into / a swan only to wake in terror at a mouth / filled with feathers.’


Rachel Long

‘Behold the miracle of afro hair.’

Two Poems

Emmalea Russo

‘I cannot look at you as I cannot look directly at the sun without my hand / covering my eyes’


Stephanie Sy-Quia

‘In the place where I grew up there were horses, thighs moving like nudity under their fur’

Three Poems

Shane McCrae

‘I wanted to and then / Remembered why I want to never’