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Andrea Stuart In Conversation | Podcast

Andrea Stuart & Josie Mitchell

Josie Mitchell talks to Andrea Stuart about her essay ‘Travels in Pornland’. They discuss the value of feminist porn, the importance of counter narratives and the challenges faced by feminist pornographers.

Anthony Marra | Granta’s Best of Young American Novelists

Anthony Marra & Josie Mitchell

‘The terrain of literature is this space where you can pose these paradoxes of personal and political ethics’

Catherine Lacey | Granta’s Best of Young American Novelists

Catherine Lacey & Luke Neima

Catherine Lacey discuses voice, characterization and the minute details that bring a story to life

Chinelo Okparanta | Granta’s Best of Young American Novelists

Chinelo Okparanta & Luke Neima

‘As a person in the diaspora sometimes you ask yourself, well who will claim you? And then it really is up to you to claim a place for yourself.’

Dominique Fortier and Rhonda Mullins In Conversation

Dominique Fortier & Rhonda Mullins

Translator and writer Rhonda Mullins in conversation with novelist and translator Dominique Fortier.

Emma Cline | Granta’s Best of Young American Novelists

Emma Cline & Luke Neima

‘I really like the artificiality of fiction, even though it’s often embarrassing and clumsy to create something out of thin air’

Esmé Weijun Wang | Granta’s Best of Young American Novelists

Esmé Weijun Wang & Josie Mitchell

‘I really love Southern Gothic literature and so part of me was like – well, what if I could create an Immigrant Gothic?’

Garth Risk Hallberg | Granta’s Best of Young American Novelists

Garth Risk Hallberg & Luke Neima

‘I am very interested in the question of reality on the one hand and imagination on the other, so the mirror has to be angled slightly to take in something that isn’t already there’

George Saunders In Conversation | Podcast

George Saunders

A discussion of the mind of Abraham Lincoln, the art of creating historical voices, verbal improv and writing the afterlife.

Greg Jackson | Granta’s Best of Young American Novelists

Greg Jackson & Luke Neima

‘A lot of writing is confronting your own failure, again and again and again’

How to Fight Climate Change

James Thornton & Martin Goodman

A discussion of the environmental pratfalls of Brexit and the Trump presidency, and how judicial action is best used in the fight against climate change.

Jen George | Granta’s Best of Young American Novelists

Jen George & Josie Mitchell

Jen George shares her process of translating visual art into text

Jesse Ball | Interview

Jesse Ball & Josie Mitchell

‘Confusion is the only natural response to the world, the alternative would be to just fall in with everyone else’s plans.’