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In Conversation

Louise Kennedy & Sarah Moss

Two Ireland-based writers discussing national identity, disappointing holidays and art deco china.

In Conversation

Natasha Brown & Victoria Adukwei Bulley

A discussion about exhaustion, refusal and the beginner’s mindset.

In Conversation

Patrik Svensson & Rebecca Tamás

‘I want to pull the emergency brake’

The authors discuss anger, attention and noticing the nonhuman.

In Conversation

Katherine Angel & Sam Byers

‘I was experiencing a sort of muteness and inhibition, a need to burrow away and think, quietly, alone.’

Katherine Angel, author of Tomorrow Sex Will Be Good Again speaks to Sam Byers, author of Come Join Our Disease.

In Conversation

Jeremy Atherton Lin & Kevin Brazil

‘My larger concern is that as we sequester online, our lack of imagination threatens to foreclose our respect for other people’s realities.’

In Conversation

Madeleine Watts & Lucie Elven

‘The moments of relief in this awful year that will stick with me are roaming around at strange hours, walking in the middle of the road.’


Fergus Thomas & Duane Hall

‘You can really feel the horses, when you’re around them, you can feel their spirit coming to life.’

In Conversation

Nadia Owusu & Caleb Azumah Nelson

‘Out of those roots, radical possibilities bloom. Future is created with each note.’


Sonia Shah

‘Non-native species have been blamed for being invasive the way that immigrants have been blamed for causing crime.’

In Conversation

Ellen Coon & Isabella Tree

‘The soil itself is filled with divine feminine energy. It’s alive, it’s pulsating.’

In Conversation

Peter Ho Davies & Celeste Ng

‘Some of the wisest things friends have said to me have been over text! But it’s a different kind of thinking.’

In Conversation

George Saunders & Natasha Randall

‘The way I write in general is basically just to move, in as a quiet-minded a manner as I can, toward what I feel as heat.’


Jay Bernard

An interview with the winner of the 2020 Sunday Times / University of Warwick Young Writer of the Year Award.


Daisy Lafarge

‘The earliest life on the planet was life without air, anaerobic bacteria that slowly died off when oxygen began to pollute the atmosphere’.