The braless redhead axiomatized the real numbers
Her unmediated breasts pressed at her jersey

I distracted myself amid the tensors of the general theory
The physics professor said he would commend me to John Wheeler at

Sometimes while my parents slept I pondered all night in my small room off
the Narrows
I was not a bad kid but innocent

Abstracted from the violent actual universal world
Though I knew it like anyone cut at the start of the world

Time equaling “t” passed light and mass moved

Big-bang stars in the Hubble telescope
Higgs bosons in the hadron collider

In Paris last week I pilgrimed to the site of the Highlander’s barge at the
Quai de la Tournelle
Dead hero only if he should lose his head

Good versus evil TV morality play for a boy
Warrior not assassin immortal swordsman redheads shedding at last their

The secret and sentimental life of poems
Desire for the beloved raised to the dream power

Invented as I went since none shall judge me any longer
Sick unto death of the couplet

So many thugs in any century how crush them all?
All passports stamped for the underworld

Somewhere a master stands steps his foot from below his cloak to revolve
the world
Thus there the dervishes whirl to bar the world from destruction


Image © UpNorth Memories 

Once Was Dark