• For a hatchet job to be truly satisfying, a number of conditions have to be met. First, you need an established critic – someone whose taste and judgement have earned her the respect and trust of her readers. Next, a seasoned, successful (perhaps, slightly overrated) author – one who, if he’s still in the game, and prospering, has had his fair share of good and bad reviews, and can take the hit. Ideally, the book will be highly anticipated; even better if there’s expectation of its success; and if the book has garnered a series of gushing reviews well-nigh canonizing the author, then perfect. Cue Michiko Kakutani on John Updike.



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The Penguin Classics edition of Morrissey’s Autobiography 


 The grave of John Keats, the Protestant Cemetery, Rome.



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Terra Nova
Last Days on Corfu