Oh, it’s you.
I never could resist anything that belonged to someone else.
I suppose you feel the same.
That’s a very promising black eye.
If you want one, fix it yourself.


You wear a big, gold belt buckle with your name on it.
Now, I really like your eyes when they look at me with that look.
The one that is so fair-minded.
It’s dangerous like a very powerful doorbell.
Or a portrait covered with a blanket.


You didn’t lock your door.
You never were very particular about your associations.
Does it give you a lovely guilty feeling?
To me you’re a national disgrace.
Please act accordingly.


I didn’t hit you very hard.
It all depends what you want out of life.
Never mind talking.
I know I’m a bad woman.
I think you’ll find it to our mutual benefit.


Sure, I’m decent.
I’ll have to try that sometime.
Don’t shout, darling. I’m not used to it.
I need my hand back now.
When I don’t like something, I give it back.


You find it amusing to tempt me?
How right you are.
The word is ‘incautious’ and I am.
You might be bluffing, but I’m not.
You wouldn’t happen to have any extra pajamas?


Don’t play cards with me, darling, I’m a cheat.
It’s true. I’m weak.
I’d like to take a bite out of you.
How about your wife? Is she broad-minded all of a sudden?
If you’re going to leave, then why don’t you hurry?



Photograph © UpNorth Memories

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