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Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2024

Fiction | The Online Edition


Reena Usha Rungoo

‘She collected stamps when she was younger, then switched to books, degrees, and – when she moved abroad – white lovers.’

Fiction by Reena Usha Rungoo.

Fiction | The Online Edition

Aishwarya Rai

Sanjana Thakur

‘The shelter houses one hundred and fifty women who used to be or long to be or have no choice but to be Mothers.’

Fiction by Sanjana Thakur.

Fiction | The Online Edition

The Devil’s Son

Portia Subran

‘He was prone to what he did call adventures, like if he had an irrepressible pull to wander every trace and tributary contained in Chaguanas.’

Fiction by Portia Subran.

Fiction | The Online Edition

What Burns

Julie Bouchard

‘Seven thousand forest fires are currently burning – fires which, under normal circumstances, would never even cross your mind.’

Fiction by Julie Bouchard, translated by Arielle Aaronson.

Fiction | The Online Edition

A River Then the Road

Pip Robertson

‘In good weather they went camping, meaning they slept in the station wagon with the seats down flat, in a car park at a forest or beach.’

Fiction by Pip Robertson.