I needed a home
so I put you in it.
I put me in it. Scientific
like an argument
about climate
change. It’s the apocalypse,
dummy! Small rescue
boat: no nuclear warhead,
nothing to see here.
But no peace
at any price

Being entwined
is such a weird animal!
Sniffing about the place, always
peeing in the same cupboard.
I’ve told you how many
times not to
but look you’ve told me
not to –
look my
pointing my gun

And now the dinner that is
burning. And the earth that is
warming. And apocalypse.

Listen to the ice breaking
are you there. Listen
to the world beneath our feet
duck duck bear.
Are you there.

Carrying around heartache
like a second baby
I will check myself
into the nearest
equanimity clinic,
sail out at the first available
promise. Need
a complete detox,
molecular fix,
to understand life
how to possibly
live in it / break it
to my daughter.


Photograph © Jessica Mulley

On Coyotes