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Commonwealth Prize 2023

Fiction | The Online Edition

The Undertaker’s Apprentice

Hana Gammon

‘It was small and delicate and its song was simple but sweet – the perfect gift. The perfect offering.’

Fiction by Hana Gammon.

Fiction | The Online Edition


Kwame McPherson

Overall Winner 2023

‘I was alone and isolated. But I was not scared.’

Fiction by Kwame McPherson.

Fiction | The Online Edition

Oceans Away From My Homeland

Agnes Chew

‘At the entrance to the gynaecology clinic, I ring the bell.’

Fiction by Agnes Chew.

Fiction | The Online Edition

Lech, Prince and the Nice Things

Rue Baldry

‘I spend the afternoon scarifying ceilings. My neck and shoulders are killing me by the time I leave.’

Fiction by Rue Baldry.

Fiction | The Online Edition


Himali McInnes

‘Parents should not have to bury their children. I will come to you, she whispers.’

Fiction by Himali McInnes.