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Hades Baedeker

The Medical Detective

Sandra Hempel

An extract from Sandra Hempel’s The Medical Detective, which follows the story of the man who identified – and helped stop – the cholera pandemic of the 1830s.

From the Spanish Flu to Covid-19

Reina James

Reina James compares our response to Covid-19 to the reaction to the Spanish Flu in 1918.

Scheherazade Conjoining (31)

Jay Gao

‘Thank any God, our emergency is celestially authorised’

New poetry by Jay Gao.

The Young Entrepreneurs of Miss Bristol’s Front Porch

Sidik Fofana

‘Every black girl on my block was waitin to get a look at Kandese when she first come for the summer. Her grandmuhva told us she hit a teacher with a ruler and got kicked out of her school in Harlem.’

Fiction by Sidik Fofana.

Japanese Wives

Noriko Hayashi

‘Every time I remember that moment, I can’t help but cry. I was only twenty-one years old.’

A photoessay by Noriko Hayashi.

Oath to the Queen

Xiaolu Guo

Xiaolu Guo on The Archers, the Life in the UK Test and swearing allegiance to the Queen.


Naomi Ishiguro

‘My wife and I lay side by side, the bear looming over us in the same way a crucifixion scene looms above the pews inside a Catholic church.’

Short fiction by Naomi Ishiguro.