i do swear.
in this place.
you will find.
if you heed them
they will be yours.
if you don’t
you were warned.


My name is Bina and I’m a very busy woman. That’s Bye-na not Beena. I don’t know who Beena is, but I expect she’s having a happy life. I don’t know who you are, or the state of your life. But if you’ve come all this way here to listen to me, your life will undoubtedly get worse. I’m here to warn you, not to reassure you.1


I am a modern woman with modern thoughts on modern things. I’m not a young person so I am used to being ignored. I expect you won’t listen. The last time we met nobody listened to me.


If you see me on the road and I pay no heed to you, know I have very good reasons for doing so. If you ever see a person lying in a ditch, drive straight past them as fast as you can. And if a man comes to your door, do not open it.


These serve as my first two warnings.
No ditch.
No door.


Do exactly as I tell you in matters mentioned.
I have lived to tell this tale.
You could be a lot less lucky.

Of Roses and Insects
verbal pathways