Sarah Wasley | Granta

Sarah Wasley

Production Director, Granta Publications

I’m responsible for getting the books, magazines and covers printed so I’m the bossy one who barks deadlines. After trying a few different roles in publishing I found production the most satisfying. I’m always working towards the end product, and the beauty of being in a company of this size is that you get an overall view of how all the different parts of it work and are dependent on each other. In the same way I really feel this benefits the authors as well; we’re able to involve them in the whole process so they get a bespoke service.

A book I love from Granta’s backlist: This Book Will Save Your Life by A. M. Homes. As well as being darkly funny, it’s a wonderfully uplifting story and it represents a really exciting time in my career with Granta.

My favourite thing about the job: the cover design process and liaising with all the freelance designers we work with. How the book looks is key and I’m proud of what we achieve here.